No matter the design of your home or building, there is an Atlas Skylight to suit. We give you the choice of a huge range of shapes and sizes including pyramids, corrugated, continuous, astro light, tile and deck roof installations – we have it all!

Plastic skylights are the ultimate way to add lighting flexibility to your home. There’s nothing better than bright, natural light washing over a room. Natural light is an ideal way to cut down on your power bill, eliminating the need for electric lighting during the day. It has also proven to increase productivity, reduce eye strain, and create a happier and healthier environment.

Browse the thumbnails below for descriptions and an enlarged photo of the many skylight services that we offer.


Heat Shields are our brand new heat protection option for all Atlas Skylights. They have specially applied nano-particle coatings that offer the following:

  • Solar energy rejection (heat) – 89%
  • UV Rejection – 99%
  • Visible light transmittance – 75%
  • Ask about special discounts on discontinued lines

Here are our new plastic skylight product options

  • LED Lighting System, for ZERO HEAT GAIN, ZERO HEAT LOSS
  • 180mm diameter
  • 270mm diameter
  • 300mm by 300mm Square
  • 400mm by 400mm Square
  • 500mm X 500mm
  • 600mm X 600mm
  • 300mm X 600mm
  • 300mm X 1200mm
  • 600mm X 900mm
  • 600mm X 1200mm

If you have any questions about our plastic skylight products please don’t hesitate to call on 03 9770 5922.