Plastic Sheet Forming for signs & Logos for our major clients:


Having clear and high quality exterior signage for your business can be very advantageous. Nothing says quality like light-weight, impact-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate plastic sign faces. Atlas Skylights provide signage for a variety of high profile clients such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Target and K-Mart and have a trusted reputation in Australia and around the world for manufacturing excellent, reliable products.

We design small, medium and large scale company logo designs on hard, solid plastic, perfect for getting your brand out there and offering ideal protection against the elements. It’s important to choose a respected supplier that utilises the highest quality materials. Exterior signage is constantly under attack from harsh weather conditions and needs to be designed to withstand the barrage. Our impact  resistant plastic sign faces are ideal in all conditions. They’re built to last.

We offer a large range of plastic sheet point of sale items in a variety of styles. Acrylic and polycarbonate products such as display cases and vending machine signage are used in merchandising, schools, universities, pharmacies, hospitals and general stores. It’s important to display products in an eye catching, aesthetically pleasing fashion – and now you can!

We can make many sizes, custom designed to perfectly match your exact specifications. Call us today on 03 9770 5922 and discuss the options with our friendly staff.