At Atlas Skylights, we provide a variety of plastic sheet forming services that are specifically designed to give our clients the very best in first rate products. We’ve operated for over 60 years and in that time we have extensively developed our range, equipment and techniques to keep up with the ever changing technological landscape.

Here’s what we offer:

Aircraft Windscreens – Canopies: for the ultimate protection when in the air. We design and manufacture both commercial and custom built screens suited to most types of aircraft.

Camera Domes: we provide domes and protective housing for all types of security cameras. It’s important to protect your equipment from the threat of damage.

Points of Display: we manufacture a wide variety of plastic sheeting for a series of high profile clients. Big or small, we can handle the job.

Train Windows: our train windows are built to last. They need to endure high speeds and all weather conditions. Our intricate, detailed process delivers on all fronts.

Transport & Industrial Parts: we make a huge range of parts for virtually any application. Whether it be for a spa pool or the interior plastics of a vehicle, we handle the entire plastic sheet forming process with quality and efficiency.