Aviation Acrylics and Thermo Forming P/L has been involved in plastic molding since 1960.
In the beginning it was acrylic domes for a new type of natural lighting in homes, the “Plastic Skylight”.

Soon the “Atlas Skylight” was known around Australia as an efficient quality product specified by most of the architectural community. New products were developed, the aluminium framed barrel vault for large structures,  the all plastic clip together continuous skylight. Sold to all parts of Australia.

Production capacity was increased to produce large moulded sign faces for the commercial and industrial sector; K Mart, Coles, Target, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes Benz and many more.

In 1983 Aviation Acrylics P/L was formed to produce the more demanding parts used in the aircraft and military sectors.

Today as in the past, our research and development efforts strive to produce and bring to the  market place a better product which is now shipped to all parts of the world as far apart as Norway and China